True North Missions Society

True North Missions Society is a not for profit organization based out of Calgary Alberta. In Ecuador there is a cultural tendency for individuals to have hip dysplasia due to the way they swaddle their babies while they are working in the fields. True North travels to Ecuador every year to perform hip replacements for those affected as well as provide education to help prevent the problem before it starts.

Their previously existing website didn’t provide all the functionality they needed so they could post content about each of their trips as well as the ability to share information about the missions more readily. It had also been built without any content management system so we basically started from scratch creating a new site from the ground up.

We included blogging functionality and the ability to share updates as they are posted to their email list. We also incorporated integrations so they can accept donations and sell tickets to their fundraising events. We designed the site with a heavy focus on content syndication for the missions trips image and video content. Everything also needed to be accessible so it could be managed by a ever-changing team member with relative ease.