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A few of our favorite projects

Anything Grows

Industry: Eccommerce, Retail


  • 3500+ product e-commerce store with custom product variables, custom pricing capabilities and shipping calculations.
  • Integrated full product library with email software and social channels to boost marketing capabilities to drive sales.
  • Fully managed cloud based hosting resulting in 99.9% uptime, regular mission critical backups with offsite storage and easily scales with sudden increases in traffic.
  • Email management to increase deliverability and utilize custom branded emails across the company.

Anything Grows is a full service retail garden center located in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. They had a previously existing website but with the start of Covid-19 it meant they needed to make a shift to include more ecommerce sales into their bottom line. The existing website was unable to properly support online sales so a complete redesign and rebuild was in order.

Our team worked directly with the company throughout the entire design process to ensure the brand vision was consistent throughout the entire website as well as their social channels and email campaigns. We built custom functionality for dynamic store hours notices, staff application forms, workshops, and extended the ecommerce software to accommodate the company’s unique pricing model.

  • Branding Strategy and design across all company platforms.
  • Completely customized website design:
    • Full ecommerce development
    • 3500+ products
    • Product pages
    • Article/Blog pages
    • Staff application forms
    • Copywriting services
  • Custom functionality.
  • Integrated with social platforms to expand sales channels.
  • Integrated email marketing platform with ecommerce platform.
  • Ability to track sales conversions across multiple sources and ad placements.
  • Social media and email ad campaign for website launch.

Christine Rhea Hair

Industry: Hair Salon


  • Customized, easy to use, content modules for portfolio and testimonials to showcase customer satisfaction and highlight the stylists talent.
  • Integrations with clients 3rd party booking software to book directly on website. As well as, all social media accounts, and setup and configuration of email marketing signup form.
  • Specialized customer contact forms to collect all information needed for more complex bookings such as weddings, all the way down to a basic haircut.

Christine is the owner/operator of Christine Rhea Hair and has over 15 years experience in the beauty industry. She was looking for a website that she could use to showcase her talents and generate leads and new customers.

We did a custom website design including unique customer information forms to collect all needed information for regular appointments and complicated wedding bookings. Included a testimonial module to highlight previous customers experiences and a portfolio module we designed as a customizable gallery. We also integrated with the clients pre-existing calendar booking software to allow booking directly on website. Set up website for easy sharing on social platforms and connected all relevant social channels for Christine. Set up and configured her email marketing platform (Mailchimp) signup forms and double opt in (for Canadian SPAM legislation) and integrated into the website.

  • 11 page custom website.
    • Custom contact forms.
    • Portfolio gallery with customizable funtionality.
    • Easy to edit testimonials content.
    • Easy to edit preferred vendor list.
    • Easy to edit pricing modules.
    • Booking integration.
    • Google maps integration.
  • Custom photo credit feature.
  • Social media integration.
  • Mailchimp signup configuration and website integration.
  • Logo design and business card creation.

True North Missions Society

Industry: Not For Profit


  • Custom designed, multi-page website with customized templates built on a content management system. Design focused around showcasing charity fundraising events and the benefits the organization provides.
  • Content publishing module with custom templates for content syndication and sharing geared around specific media heavy content needs. Set up email list and automated send outs for new updates.
  • User management module allows new team members to be quickly onboarded to collaborate on content updates. Easy to edit/create content with no need for any knowledge of coding.
  • Integrated multiple methods for accepting donations. Included an online sales module to sell tickets/other items for fundraiser events.

True North Missions Society is a not for profit organization based out of Calgary Alberta. In Ecuador there is a cultural tendency for individuals to have hip dysplasia due to the way they swaddle their babies while they are working in the fields. True North travels to Ecuador every year to perform hip replacements for those affected as well as provide education to help prevent the problem before it starts.

Their previously existing website didn’t provide all the functionality they needed so they could post content about each of their trips as well as the ability to share information about the missions more readily. It had also been built without any content management system so we basically started from scratch creating a new site from the ground up.

We included blogging functionality and the ability to share updates as they are posted to their email list. We also incorporated integrations so they can accept donations and sell tickets to their fundraising events. We designed the site with a heavy focus on content syndication for the missions trips image and video content. Everything also needed to be accessible so it could be managed by a ever-changing team member with relative ease.